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'Walk With Me' - Walkie Talkies

  • Being the practical, 'Type A' people we are here at Two Little Rows, we believe that to host a great event, there is some must-have behind-the-scenes equipment that takes an event from ho-hum to hip hip hooray! A huge part of this is facilitating easy and clear communicatIon; whether it's to queue your ceremony music or work the logistics of a marquee installation, having remote audio at your fingertips will make the job a breeze. These walkie talkies are hired in a set of two, though if you need more, we have them. Just add $15.00 for each extra handset package you need. Each one is supplied with a convenient earpiece and microphone and comes fully charged and ready to use. A charger is also supplied with each handset, although you may not need it as these pieces have a long 8-hour battery life. Communication between 16 available channels is possible kilometres away, so no matter how far your people wander your instructions will be heard loud and clear. Now that's what we call seamless communication and a big 10-4 over and out from us! 

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