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'My Pro' - Portable PA for Music & Voice

  • The perfect solution to all your remote amplification needs. This powerful system has a booming 64 watt output, so you're sure to be heard over even the strongest of breezes and background noise. It is supplied with everything you need for your portable audio needs.. retractable handle and wheels for easy transport, adjustable stand, cordless microphone, cord and spare cord with extra jacks (just in case!) for plugging in an MP3 player for music, power cord for recharging or indoor use and a handy protective case. Supplied fully charged, it will give you hours of portable audio pleasure, be it voice or music. Perfect for use on the beach or in a park to amplify your ceremony vows and play your chosen music, many of our clients also use this PA for easy and cordless speech amplification at their reception. No wonder why it's one of our most popular and practical hire pieces!

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