Snaps to the person who first exclaimed "Fail to plan and you plan to fail." Never a truer word was spoken and we've made it our mantra.  From marquee weddings on a beach, to hire deliveries for our city, skyscraper-dwelling corporate clients, we're pedantic when it comes to planning and organisation.


Now, you may think that planning for the minutia is a little OTT, or way too rigid..  Not so!  In fact, it's just the opposite; a well-planned event runs like Swiss clockwork.. every element timed to perfection and ticking away beautifully inside the engine, while on the surface, the hands glide smoothly around the face - form and function in perfect harmony.  It's a thing of beauty - so apparently effortless - and truly magic to behold.


From celebrants to celluloid and photographers to philanthropic deeds, we plan it, organise it and coordinate it with aplomb.. seamlessly, beautifully and all with unobtrusive and professional style.


So the next time you're planning an event.. any event.. think planning and when you do, think Two Little Rows and snaps to the pedant in all of us!

what people are


"Martyn and I would like to thank you for making our wedding day so special. The level of service was beyond extraordinary, attention to detail was taken very seriously and for the fussy bride to have full confidence, it made the day extremely enjoyable.
Our wedding guests and acquaintances have not stopped raving about the detail put into our special day, which will forever remain a wedding not to forget. Thank you for making our wedding experience a breeze and as stress-free as it could be. 
Thank You!”


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