Waaaay back in 2014, Rebecca from 'weddings at the Stradbroke Hotel' fame, asked me to style her birthday party, planned for 2017. Bec and I work together on a pretty regular basis at the Straddie Hotel and it's fair to say that we are fans of each other's work.  

February 2017 seemed like a long way away back then and now it's come and gone.  But oh, what a night!

After a few incarnations, Rebecca (or Bec as she's affectionately known to all who know her) decided on her venue - fabulous Providence Farm Hall at Beechmont.  And the theme?  A Midsummer's Night Feast.  We planned for a long banquet table outside in the field with the Hall interior as our 'Plan B' (always have a 'Plan B' and your event will be super chilled!).

On the night, Plan B was far from our minds with the weather gods delivering just what we'd ordered.. mild and fine with vivid splashes of stars and the Milky Way in full view across the evening sky.  

Bec's only request was "...

Learn how to create beautiful beach wedding styling by Australia's beach wedding expert, Two Little Rows.

Although large and grand weddings are beautiful, I must admit, I have a little penchant for the small and intimate kind and there's no smaller and intimate wedding than an elopement.  Enter Mel and Nick.  A gorgeous couple who are clearly mad about each other and were hankering to dig their toes in the sand while saying their 'I do's'.

Mel and Nick had booked a P & O cruise and decided to combine a holiday with a wedding. Enter Two Little Rows.  In keeping with their simple wishes, I organised all the essentials.. a beach, a celebrant, an arch, a bouquet and one enthusiastic wedding coordinator - me!  Mid January, Mel and Nick set sail for beautiful Moreton Island, Queensland with close family.  We would be waiting on the beach to meet them when they arrived.

While planning weddings on islands has always been a forte of mine, Moreton Island presents a few more challenges than an island like Stradbroke.  For those who haven't been to Moreton Island, you...

After fifteen years of creating gorgeous weddings on the beaches of beautiful Stradbroke Island and beyond, there's one I know for sure and that is that there's a heck of a lot to know about creating a successful wedding on a beach.

But for those who don't have the benefit of that experience, how do you even begin to know what you don't know?  Now you have a place to begin..

International wedding community, La Bride recently published my article on what you need to know about beach weddings.  Now you can read some of my best advice on beach weddings right here...



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" A thousand mile journey begins with one step” Chinese Proverb

From the beginning, your wedding planning journey may be a daunting prospect.  Where do we start? What is the right venue for us? How much will it cost? Who should we invite?  Who can we trust? What have we forgotten? 

These will no doubt be just some of the questions racing through your mind. Now, throw in a few bridal magazines, a few million Pinterest and Instagram images, conflicting advice from various wedding suppliers (all with their own agenda and perspective), a good dollop of pressure from relatives and friends to announce your plans to the world yesterday and some very real budget concerns and you have a recipe for a soup of confusion and stress. It’s enough to have you run screaming to the nearest registry office.

I totally get it.  I’ve been planning, styling and coordinating...

Each year, our family gets more chilled about Christmas.  Losing Mum recently has only concentrated our efforts to enjoy fun and relaxed time together.  Besides, none of us are big consumers and on the whole, I would rather have a tarantula crawl into my ear and lay eggs, than spend a day trudging around a shopping mall. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no Ebenezer Scrooge. I love, love, love Christmas.  I don’t think there is enough magic in our lives, so I’ll take anything I can work with. I decorate the tree with handmade

trinkets my children made when they were little and baubles we have created together through the years.  I also have a collection of sparkling, store-bought ornaments.  I used to buy one of the prettiest baubles I could find and afford each year and over many Christmases I collected quite a few.  When Christmas is over, they are packed carefully away to survive the ravages of time and every year when I open up the boxes, there they are; each a little stor...

I have been a wedding and event stylist for fourteen years.  There’s not much I haven’t seen, or done, in those years.  The briefs may change, but the fundamentals of design stay the same… perspective, budget, space, logistics, trends and client preference are a given, but the finer elements of design; texture, colour, comfort, flow, lighting and attention to detail are the nuances that make design work professionally.  True design looks effortlessly beautiful.


We’ve all heard the saying “All the gear and no idea” and it makes me sad to see that in the event industry, this is often applicable.  Advice I give my clients is that true style is not about throwing a truckload of equipment into a space and hoping that it will work. Chances are it won’t and it will cost you a small fortune and while that may work for your event stylist/hirer, it won’t for you.  A professional stylist uses styling elements judiciously and with clever simplicity to transform your space.. and therein l...

All weddings are beautiful in their own way, but some remain strong in my heart and for varying reasons; kind and thoughtful clients, intimate ceremonies, breathtaking moments, magical happenings on the beach (think fighter jets booming overhead, whales breaching and dolphins frolicking in moonlit waves) and some encompass all of the above.

                                                Jo & Andy.. A wedding to remember


One such wedding was that of Joanna & Andy.  A beautiful couple with a young family, Joanna and Andy engaged Two Little Rows (formerly Stradbroke Weddings) to plan and create their wedding at Point Lookout on Stradbroke Island.


They decided to host their wedding reception at the Pt Lookout Community Hall and we booked their ceremony nearby on Home Beach, accessed through the forest known as the ‘Fairy Track’.   The fact that many attending gu...

We're halfway through January and I am thinking about the New Year.  Long ago I gave up the idea of New Year resolutions and rather, decided to spend December and January taking stock of the past year and assessing my goals for the coming twelve months.  I am the eternal optimist and balance my life view on the scales of fatalism and self-determination.  Each year, I believe, will be better than the last.


I like to spend the last couple of weeks of the year giving my house a thoroughly good clean.  From the aforementioned ‘mental’ cleanout to the practical scouring of washing blinds and curtains, to cleaning out cupboards and passing on what I no longer need to charity.  No corner is left unexamined and unwashed.  It’s a big job.


The nature of my business means that I always have creative projects on the go. I collect everything from vintage lace to old, weathered pieces of wood and I ration my time at flea markets for fear of feeding my addiction.  There...


When I was a child, I remember how a week seemed like a month and a month might as well have been a year, and come December, summer holidays stretched before me like a never-ending oasis.  Now, time seems to flash past like scenery glimpsed from a speeding train.  Recently, I lost an entire Wednesday.  I have no idea where it went.


It’s been over a year since I announced the coming of my new website and now, it’s finally arrived.  Why does it seem like no time at all?  Much has happened… hundreds of events and weddings, meetings with clients and thousands of emails, the illness and death of someone very dear to me, a child finishing school and another, university, and all the minutia of life that leaves us with precious little time to just, well, be.


But nothing great is ever achieved without great effort and I am reminded of H.W. Longfellow’s words, ’The heights by great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight, but they, while their companions...

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