Yesterday I was speaking with a bride about her wedding dress.  She was showing me the photos and told me that it had taken her a long time to find the right one.  I hear that a lot from brides. 

Like Gandolf and that ring, a bride knows that this dress must rule the world.  Getting it right and feeling like a million bucks is all part of a day that most say, is one of the best of their lives. 

When I think about this, I think of avant-garde artist of the eighties, John Foxx. Originally a member of the sublime band, Ultravox, Foxx departed to pursue a solo career and released an album in 1983 called "The Golden Section'.  A masterpiece of the New Romantic movement that still stands tall 36 years after its release. It featured the song, "Your Dress'.  A song that captures the passion, whimsy and feeling you get when you wear a dress that rules the goddamn world!


The bridezilla from the sulphur pits of hell and other mutations of the genus. One wedding planner's experience and what I've learned.

Over the past seventeen years, I've worked with many clients who reside far away.  Sometimes interstate and often internationally.  It seems I've worked with clients from all four corners of the Globe (that is, if a globe could have corners).  From South Africa to New York, from France to Singapore, they come from everywhere to marry here in Brisbane and often, on Stradbroke Island.  Their reasons are varied, but most often one member of the couple are Brisbane born and wish to marry in familiar surrounds. If it's the Island, they will usually have spent time there on holidays as children or have family who own a home on the Island and they long to share the Island's beautiful surrounds with family and friends from around the world. 

And so it was with Susie and Richard who invited me to plan, style and coordinate their wedding at Point Lookout. Living in London, they needed someone at 'ground zero' to bring their thoughts together and as so...

When you're young with stars in your eyes, you think love is going to last forever. And sometimes it does.  But when life (and love) doesn't unfold the way you planned, it requires courage to take time to sit back, regroup and find your feet again. Slowly, you stand up, take a few guarded steps into the world until eventually, you regain your stride and let love find you again.  We all get more than one chance in life.  Our only enemy is cynicism and bitterness.  Never give in.

Jenn and Layton came into my life to affirm my belief in second chances. I knew the minute I met Jenn that we had a job to do together and that job was to create a fitting celebration of her marriage to love of her life, Layton.  I was all in!  

Creating weddings and all the associated embellishments may seem like nonsense to some.  I get that. But like everything in life, every person needs the right to choose for themselves.  For many, marking milestones with a celebr...

Above photo credit: Julian Beattie

Even before Meghan Markle slipped into that Givenchy, bateau necklined dress, my Berlin-based clients, Allana & Max were fixed on a minimalist direction that would deliver maximum style for a wedding on Stradbroke Island. 

And what venue could possibly deliver this brief?  It had to be the Point Lookout Community Hall!  This venue is definitely among my top five all-time favourites anywhere.. open plan, light, airy and tucked away in private little space just behind beautiful Home Beach.  It's a stunning blank canvas that is a treat for a stylist like me and a go-to venue for matrimonial, minimalist adventurers like Allana & Max. 

Above photo credit: Julian Beattie

Achieving a minimal aesthetic is like the nuanced skill of a tightrope walker; one piece too many and you’re tumbling toward a cluttered earth. One too little and you’re floating in empty space.  I love to play on that fine line, so I was all in when the invit...

Happy New Year!  I can scarcely believe that 2019 ushers in my seventeenth year of operating Two Little Rows (originally Stradbroke Weddings).  What the?? My humble beginnings in 2002 when I began a wedding industry on North Stradbroke Island seem like a bazillion years ago!

But the New Year is no time to look backwards.  No, no!  What with all those resolutions in hand and a year full of promise before us, we take a deep dive into the months ahead. I seriously wasn't glad to see 2018 depart... it was a brilliant year when balance came to the universe for me (yes, Cosmic!) and work was satisfyingly challenging, but time moves us relentlessly on and 2019 promises to be even better.. Woot! 

And though there's a part of me that fantasises about spending the year lying in a hammock, drinking sidecars and finally reading the mountain of books that are stacking up beside my bed, it will be the business of delivering events to my clients th...

2018 Promises to deliver everything green in weddings with lush foliage being key to creating intimate and beautiful event spaces.

When you think about trends for 2018, think about creating event drama with hanging installations (think hoops, green chandeliers, frames of floral abundance) and tall risers on tables filled with foliage and cascading blossoms.  If you’re dreaming of a wedding tucked deep away in a forest, then 2018 will be the year for you!

In keeping with this back-to-nature style, we’ll see ample potted plant installations on floors and tables – anything goes here.  Think cacti and succulents, olive leaf, eucalypt and even grasses for the bohemian look or ferns and deep green foliage for a softer, romantic feel. 

Image by Janneke Storm

With the rise of leaf we will also see tropical making a comeback after 10 years in the floral wilderness.. it’s palms and ferns all the way for this trend. Experiment with different textures to nail this look with sp...

An Stradbroke Island elopement and a wedding planner's search to find joy in her work

Among all the decisions you will need to make when planning a wedding, your flowers will likely be a major one.  Often, they will be central to your entire wedding style, so it's important to choose wisely.  No pressure!

Of course, what you do choose is entirely up to you.  Fashions come and go, but if being 'on trend' is super important to you, then there are a few things you need to know.  Wedding-O-Pedia has published some of my recent flower trend musings and you can read them right here...

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